The European student card

The CNCEU is a partner in the European student card project, itself part of the "European Student Card Initiative", sponsored by the European Commission.

The CNCEU is developing the technical environment favorable to the European dimension of student cards: link of campus card management systems with the European student card platform, open source ESUP -SGC card management system which integrates functionalities related to European student card ...

The CNCEU is the place for pooling services linked to student cards. The European student card should allow seamless access to these services for mobile students.

As part of the European student card project, the CNCEU has initiated international contacts with networks that develop solutions and services around student cards.

The CNCEU is associated via the Cnous with a European student digital services infrastructure project, EDSSI. The unique European student identifier launched by the European card will thus provide access to services on the basis of a single authentication.

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