The national public procurement

A public procurement has been set up at the national level allowing higher education to obtain multi-service cards. It is supported by the CNOUS and its holder has been SELP since 2018.

Objet du marché

Son objet est la fourniture des cartes multiservices pour les établissements gérant des étudiants ou des personnels dans la sphère de l’enseignement supérieur.

Are offered:

  • Smart cards (Desfire, Calypso, JavaCard)
  • Their graphic print
  • Their personalization (electrical and graphic)
  • Their postal delivery
  • The "European Student Card" hologram
  • Various supplies (cases, ribbons, etc.)

To benefit from it

The market is a purchasing group reserved for its members, i.e. institutions that joined when it was created in 2018.
However, nothing prevents non-member establishments from contacting SELP directly, which however has no legal obligation to apply market prices.

The market in figures

In 2019 1.3 million cards were supplied as part of this contract.

The "European Student Card" hologram

This is deposited "hot" during the manufacture of the card and it can only be supplied by SELP. However, this company can supply another card produce.

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